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email: sales@e-pincard.com"(=epin) respects your privacy. All information collected from this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed, except when we are required to provide information to comply with a specific legal process or law. 

Any personal information obtained by epin with a purpose of providing our services will be used strictly in accordance with this privacy policy. Epin takes its user privacy seriously. Any information we obtain from users will be used exclusively for processing orders and providing our services to user. 

Our privacy policy applies to legitimate users only. Any user attempting to defraud us or anybody else will therefore not be considered as a legitimate user, and our Privacy policy does not apply to such individuals. 

Protection of very sensitive information such as passphrase, account numbers, etc. are considered as highly confidential and are stored in our databased in hashed (encrypted) form. 

Any changes to this privacy policy will be immediately posted in this section of our website. 

This privacy policy complies with domestic legislation regarding protection of personal information. This policy also complies with international legislation and treaties regarding personal data protection .

Returns & Replacements

Digital products are non-returnable and non-refundable. We regret, therefore, that once the product has been puchased by you, your order may not be cancelled or refunded. If, however, you experience difficulty accessing or downloading your purchased product, then help is available - please see your purchase invoice/receipt for our support contact details.


LIMITED's General Terms and Conditions

For the business transactions with LIMITED (known as


from here forth), as well as the

contracts that are executed via the website


or directly with EPIN, the following general

terms and conditions (referred herein as


's) exclusively apply, which can be stored and printed by

EPIN's contract partner. These GTC's are binding for the entire current and future business dealings with

Conimal, even if there is no explicit mentioning of the terms thereof. Any regulations that deviate from or

supplement the GTC's- especially general business terms as put forth by the contract partners- are not recognized

by EPIN and will only become a part of a contract, if this is explicitly confirmed by EPIN in writing.

Fulfillment actions on the part of EPIN do not comprise an acceptance of the contract terms that deviate from

these GTC's.


Subject Matter of this Contract

Subject matter of this contract is the trading, specifically the purchase and selling of Bitcoins and other

cryptographic currencies (i.e. Bitcoin, NXT, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Litecoin, NEM, CLAM) (known

henceforth as “

Bitcoin & Co”

). The characteristics of the Bitcoin & Co can be viewed at the

supplementary listings at


. The offered Bitcoin & Co can be unilaterally

revised by EPIN


Offering, Ordering and Contract Execution


Offers by EPIN are non-binding, unless otherwise explicitly designated as binding. The contract

partner's orders are only designated as accepted, once the Bitcoin & Co have been sent to the contract

partner, the action of which generates a contract. A special notification to the customer, regarding the

execution of the contract, will not occur from EPIN.


The contract fulfillment will occur immediately after the execution of the contract.


For the purchase or sale of Bitcoin & Co, EPIN's contract partner (i) is obliged to enter all of the

requested data on EPIN's website for the order and (ii) must indicate an acceptance of these GTC's.

By clicking the “to pay!” button, EPIN's contract partner

enters into a binding order via https://E-PINcard.com.


Immediately after the execution of the contract, EPIN will confirm the order with the contract

partner. A respective message will be sent to EPIN's contract partner to the most recently provided

email address. After the purchase price has been registered with EPIN, EPIN will transmit,

without unnecessary delay, the ordered Bitcoin & Co to the contract partner. An exception to this

policy are orders, that exceed a certain threshold value and that have to be confirmed manually.


EPIN reserves the right to activate or deactivate each customer's specific payment methods, based

on EPIN's own judgment. Each customer's purchase framework can be adjusted manually by

EPIN and no displayed limit can be understood as a guarantee.


Prices and Payment Terms


EPIN's published prices are listed in Euro. All applicable fees, such as additional costs based on a

certain payment method, are the responsibility of the contract partner.


The respective purchase price of Bitcoin & Co will be displayed in the summary of the order and does

not include the itemized additional fees. The respective total price will be displayed on the last line of

the order's summary.


The minimum order amount is EUR 25,-, not counting the applicable transaction fees and costs.


An applicable contract execution transaction fee (such as a Bitcoin “Mining Fee”) will be covered by



The purchase prices are due and payable upon the execution of the contract. After the execution of the

contract, the contract partner is obligated to pay EPIN the purchase price, via the selected payment

service provider.


With the exception of SEPA-transfers, which have to be processed manually by EPIN and

therefore require longer processing times, EPIN's offered services are available to the contract

partner without interruption and around the clock. The processing is performed fully automated.


If the payment of the purchase price is processed via SEPA, then the contract partner is obligated to

adhere to EPIN's established data disclosure guidelines governing purpose or payment reason for

the transfer. If the contract partner does not adhere to these guidelines, then EPIN reserves the

right to charge the contract partner EUR10 for the resulting additional administrative effort, which can

be deducted from the order value at the time of the rate establishment.


Due to unforeseen technical disruptions, delays in the execution of the contract can occur and thereby

also delays in the transmission of the order to the contract partner. Therefore, EPIN can not

assume any liability or offer a guarantee for an immediate contract execution.


EPIN reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract partner's previously funded

orders, if it is established that at the time of the order an incorrect price was displayed for Bitcoin &

Co, due to technical disruptions.


Contract Partner's Shared Liabilities


The contract partner is obligated to do anything possible to ensure a speedy execution of the contract

and to refrain from activities that would thwart or endanger the contract. The contract partner must

immediately report all defects or other problems to EPIN and thereby facilitate EPIN's ability

to remedy the problem.


Personal data, such as stored information or other data (esp. name, mailing address and email address),

that is altered during the execution of the contract, needs to be relayed to EPIN immediately

thereafter in writing.


If the contract partner fails to disclose the change of an email address, the written notifications that are

designated for this party are considered legally delivered, if they were sent to the last designated email



The contract partner is solely responsible for the accuracy of the Bitcoin-receiving-address and that it

is up to date. Once the Bitcoin & Co have been transmitted to the contract partner's last disclosed

email address, the Bitcoin & Co can not be transferred back or sent to another Bitcoin-address.


The contract partner is responsible for ensuring the technical prerequisites that allow for the receiving

of emails from EPIN.


The transaction-ID, as generated by the network, serves as a irrefutable proof of the completed

transmission of Bitcoin & Co via EPIN to the contract partner's last disclosed wallet-address. This

transaction-ID is transmitted to the customer via a transmission confirmation email.


Mit Aufscheinen der Transaktion im Netzwerk, dessen Eintreffen außerhalb des Einflussbereiches von

EPIN liegt, gilt der Vertrag als erfüllt.

Once the transaction appears on the network, the receipt of

which lies outside of the influence of EPIN, the contract is considered executed.


Reservation of Title


Until the purchase price, including all fees and expenses, has been fully paid, the Bitcoin & Co or a

possible proceeds from the sale, remain the property of EPIN. This reservation is not voided by

processing, blending, in any shape or on any location possible.


It is understood, that the validating of the reservation of title does not constitute a withdrawal from the

contract, unless EPIN declares a definite withdrawal from the contract.


In the case of a valid withdrawal from a contract by EPIN, EPIN has the right to charge the

contract partner a processing fee in the amount of EUR 20.


With the transmission of the Bitcoin & Co, the assumption of risk, especially the risk of deterioration

and loss, is transferred to the contract partner.




EPIN offers up the warranty, that the negotiated services are fulfilled within the bounds of their

best knowledge and abilities.


Any warranty issues that may arise, are subject to the legal guidelines. In the case of a warranty

dispute, EPIN themselves has the right to select the type of remedy (improvement, exchange, price

reduction or conversion).


EPIN is only obligated to offer up a warranty to businesses, if the deficiency is pointed out in

writing within an appropriate deadline, after the fulfillment of the contract.


If EPIN is engaged by the contract partner to remedy a declared and alleged deficiency and it is

proven that no deficiencies exist or a presented deficiency can not be proven by the contract partner,

the contract partner is obliged to compensate EPIN for their efforts.




Conimal conducts its services carefully and reliably. However, within the scope of providing these

services, unavoidable interruptions, such as maintenance work, can occur, which are unavoidable and

beyond the control of EPIN. EPIN, however, will endeavor to correct any disturbance or

disruption, as quickly as possible.


EPIN is only obligated to offer up property damage remedies, in the case of intent or gross

negligence. The liability for minor negligence, except in the case of personal damages, does not apply.

For mid range damages and resulting damages, especially if caused by third party software, EPIN

is not liable for lost profits, normal asset damages, as well as damages caused by third parties.

EPIN is especially not liable for damages that are caused by unavoidable service interruptions, that

are necessary for maintenance work or to ensure against disruptions or those that can be traced back to

being unavoidable and outside the influence of EPIN.


Mandatory legal liability guidelines are in this respect, preserved for the user.


EPIN does not assume any liability for the complete security of the displayed security certificates




Data Protection


In the course of delivering the negotiated services, EPIN is in strict compliance with the data

protection guidelines, that ensure security and integrity as put forward by the guidelines of Austrian

law and especially the data protection law 2000 and the applicable legal provisions of the European



The contract partner agrees, that EPIN only will use personal data (first and last name, education

level, home address, email address and any other contract related contact information), as well as the

customer's usage data for the advising of customers, the usage and planing analysis, as well as

marketing activities. This agreement can be canceled at any time with EPIN in writing.


EPIN will only publish personal data to a third party, after an explicit written consent from the

contract partner, a legal obligation or a court's judgment.


EPIN's website uses standard cookies. These are small packets of data that are stored on the

contract partner's computer and which are transmitted by the browser of the contract partner to the

server of EPIN. These contain random and anonymous designation numbers, which allow the

server to match up the contract partner's selected settings, the next time the contract partner pulls up

the internet page. The usability of the webpage is thereby not encumbered. The identification number

is then automatically attached to each link on the webpage, by the contract partner's browser. The

contract partner's settings, however, are lost when the browser is closed.


EPIN assumes no liability for the compliance of the data protection guidelines on third party

websites, to which a contract partner is directed via links which can be found on the EPIN website.


By registering at EPIN, the customer agrees to receive newsletters. This acceptance can be recalled

under “Settings” with the removal of the check mark.


Tell-A-Friend Program


EPIN offers an advertising program for friends for an undetermined amount of time. For this, the

provided “Referral-Code” must be used, which can be found in the account.


The advertiser received EUR 2.50 for every verified account that they gained. For each order they

receive an additional 5% of the invoiced fees. It is understood that the fee is the added charge on top

of the market price. The crediting of the commission only occurs after the money has been received in

EPIN's account.


Within the context of this program, only the provided advertising materials can be used to advertise.

Alterations or the usage of materials that are created by the user are strictly forbidden, unless

sanctioned by EPIN.


Spam and other intrusive advertising measures are strictly forbidden and can lead to the closing of the



Any commission that has been earned in the context of this program, must be redeemed within 180

days of being credited, otherwise it will expire. The minimum order value is EUR 25, wherein

coupons can be combined with a standard order.


Place of Law and Jurisdiction


Any decisions regarding disputes which may arise from a contract – including those regarding its

existence or non-existence- are decided under the exclusive jurisdiction of the respective courts in



The contract is exclusively subject to Austrian law, with the exception of its refusal standards and the

UN business law.


Other Provisions


Alterations or additions of a contract must be made in writing. This includes a deviation of the writing

requirement .


Should individual terms of the GTC be deemed invalid or not enforceable, this does not in any way

influence the validity of the remaining conditions. The parties to the contract are obligated to replace

an non-legally-binding or unfulfillable terms with a binding and fulfillable term, that is as close as

possible in content and purpose to the non-legally-binding or unfulfillable term.


Announcements and declarations meant for EPIN are to be addressed to: (isoyet@gmail.com).


The provisions of the consumer rights act as well as any foreign and extra jurisdictional laws remain in

tact for the user and are not affected by these GTCs.

Anti-money laundering Information

Anti-money laundering legislation in effect in most countries makes it necessary for EPIN to make public its anti-money laundering policy to ensure we comply with money laundering regulations and not accept payments that expose our company to possible criminal fines and penalties.


Money laundering is the act of converting money or other monetary instruments gained from illegal activity into money or investments that appear to be legitimate so that its illegal source cannot be traced.


EPIN views Money Laundering as a serious criminal offence, and as such, complies with regulatory requirements intended to forestall and prevent money laundering. These include:


(i)   Identifying customers.


(ii)  Retaining transaction and identification records for a minimum period.


(iii) Training staff continuously in terms of anti-money laundering regulations.


(iv) Monitoring and reporting any and all suspicious activities.


(v) Supervise and oversee that all transactions and information in the system is correct and complies with applicable laws.


Please note that  EPIN has the right to refuse a transaction at any time should suspicion arise that it may be connected to money laundering or any other criminal activity. In addition,  EPIN will report this suspicious activity in order to comply with said regulations, and internationally accepted laws and customs which also prohibits from disclosing this information.



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